>Share Your Memories of New Bern!

>Would You Like to Share Your Special Memories of New Bern?

With the New Year approaching, New Bern Now’s Website is receiving a major make-over!

The first change is the Website’s Header that is now similar to the Community Blog. Please bear with us while we change the hundreds of web pages within the website to reflect the new design.

The second and most important change is implementing a “Memories of New Bern” web page.

With your help, this special webpage will bring back memories of New Bern’s Past. The “Past Timeline” would begin in 2005 and include events prior to 2005.

Please participate by submitting your photos in .JPG format and include a brief summary of your memories (100 words or less). If you don’t know everyone in the photo, it could become a fun, guessing game to find out who people think was in the photograph.

If you’re a native New Bernian or moved here 10 years ago, it doesn’t matter. Submit your photos and description now to be the first to be included on “Memories of New Bern” webpage!

Please leave a comment below if you like this idea or send me an email if you have any questions or suggestions of how we can improve New Bern Now. Thank You!

Wendy Card