>More Conveniences for Passengers at The Coastal Carolina Regional Airport!

>The Coastal Carolina Regional Airport has had a busy month.

TSA installed a new checked-baggage scanner which will add to the convenience for our passengers. Customers will now turn their checked luggage in to USAirways or Delta who will tag it for the proper destination then send it via conveyor to the scanner in a back room. Passengers won’t have to touch their luggage again until they reach their final destination.

A couple more things to add to convenience for our passengers and visitors were put in within the last couple of weeks by the airport staff.

We have a nursing station located off the main lobby where new mothers can have some privacy while feeding their infant.

In the main corridor where Semper Fi and Air Bear stand, we have added four more bears. Actually they are small rocking chairs with bears painted on them, and they are right by the adult rocking chairs. Now the youngsters can rock with their parents or grandparents while awaiting a flight or waiting to greet someone.

Submitted by: Shirley Gabbert, Financial Manager, Coastal Carolina Regional Airport