>New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce – Message to our Community

>From the desk of “Guest Blogger” – Darlene Brown:

When I first moved to New Bern, I came up with a new tag line for the Chamber: Any community worth living in is worth supporting. I truly believe this is true. Whether or not you chose to live in New Bern or are New Bernian by birth, let’s face it, we’ve got it going on!

Chamber President, Kevin Roberts, likes to say that when you join the Chamber, we don’t load up a bunch of customers in our cars and drop them off at your business. What we do is give you the opportunity to meet people at our sponsored events such as the Business Expo, Administrative Professionals’ Day, the Annual Banquet, Speed networking, Business Before Hours, Business After Hours, etc. To that end, the business world is all about who you know. That’s why our events, particularly the Chamber’s Business After Hours and Business Before Hours, are such a valuable tool to help expand your professional network, share resources, and improve your business savvy.

Chamber events are the perfect opportunities for you, or someone at your company, to make relevant contacts and gather ideas. Chamber members use Chamber events to build relationships, discuss challenges, mentor one another, and help each other become more effective in providing solutions to their business’s needs.

It must be understood that the Chamber is people. There is a place in the Chamber efforts for all who share the desire to improve the community and the conditions under which business is conducted. It directs the energies of those who believe in their community. A Chamber enables these people to accomplish collectively what no one could do individually. It strengths lies in attracting the greatest number of individuals and firms into membership, thereby creating a pool of resources.

And remember, any community worth living in is worth supporting! We thank you for your support of the New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about the New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce, please contact Darlene Brown, Director, Marketing & Communications, at 316 S. Front Street, call 252-637-3111, or visit their facebook page.

Thanks for becoming a Guest Blogger, Darlene!

Wendy Card