>Happy Independence Day Weekend!

I spent most of today driving around town, from Trent Woods, James City to Downtown New Bern and people are out in droves! I asked many visitors what their plans were and they told me they are here to celebrate the weekend activities throughout the Greater New Bern Area.

There are two large reunions, this weekend. James City Day – Homecoming Reunion (July 2nd-4th) and West Street Elementary and JT Barber High School Reunion (July 2nd-5th).

Did you know that New Bern was the first town in North Carolina to Celebrate Independence Day in 1778? The “Road to Independence” will reflect on New Bern’s historical journey. It is filled with exciting activities that will take place Downtown New Bern. Please visit the 300th Anniversary website for a detailed schedule of events.

Local businesses and streets are decorated with the “Red, White, and Blue”! Don’t forget to fly your flag this weekend and reflect on why we celebrate “Independence Day”. If it wasn’t for our forefathers, we would not have the liberties that we may take for granted today!

A shuttle will transport passengers from Lawson Creek Park to the Union Point Park area on Sunday, July 4th beginning at 4:15pm and will run in 45 minute intervals.

Some business owners will be open later in the evening to accomodate visitors needs. Call them ahead of time to see if they will be open.

I wish everyone a safe and wonderful Independence Day Weekend!

Wendy Card