>Gearing Up for a Parade Like No Other

With two months until New Bern’s Jubilee Weekend scheduled for September 16-19, the 300th Celebration Parade Committee is in full swing. Organizers are currently looking for volunteers to help with planning as well as with parade day activities. The committee is thrilled about what this parade will mean for the city.

“We have asked representatives from all over North Carolina to participate in the grand event,” said Sabrina Bengel, co-chair of the committee. Bengel, along with Greg Smith of Mitchell’s Hardware, has been working tirelessly to assemble a team of volunteers to help plan New Bern’s “Parade of a Lifetime.”

The City of New Bern is most closely tied with the Swiss, but our heritage has been influenced by many different cultures, events and individuals. Jubilee Weekend is an opportunity to embrace our heritage and to learn more about our town. The Jubilee Heritage Parade will not only feature bands and marching units from across the state, but also a variety of floats, each with a theme that celebrates New Bern’s history. We are thrilled with the response from organizations, schools, churches marching units and bands that have already signed up to participate. It will really be a showcase that the entire City can embrace. Space is limited for additional floats, but it’s not too late to sign up.

“This is such a great and fun way to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity and we encourage businesses and individuals alike to join us,” said Smith. “It’s a unique way to honor a family member or local hero. The 300th Celebration’s website has a list of theme ideas to help get you started,” he added.

The Parade, which is a highlight of the festive weekend, is a prelude to the Cultural Festival that takes place later that same day. We anticipate many of the bands and entertainment that participate in the parade will also be a special part of the Cultural Festival. Spectators will have a chance to not only see and hear the entertainment, but can also talk with the participants to learn about their heritage.

If you would like to volunteer or participate in the parade or the Cultural Festival, check out the 300th Anniversary Committee website for more information, and an opportunity to get involved. Contact the 300th Parade Committee at 252-635-1710 for more information.

Submitted by: Alisha Zang of New Bern’s 300th Anniversary