>Spotlight on Dinner Time Magic and Fondue Café

UPDATE: Dinner Time Magic Closed in June 2011.
If you’ve never been to Dinner Time Magic you don’t know what you’re missing!

This intimate and comforting bistro offers meals to order: pick-up or take-out (within a 12 mile radius) and recently opened their one of a kind Fondue Café in New Bern, NC.

Carol and Tom Stewart own this unique eatery and truly care about catering to their customer’s tastes and needs. When they first opened, clients came to Dinner Time Magic to prepare nutritious meals for their families.

When the economy took a turn for the worse, Carol and Tom’s creative thinking changed services to meet the needs of our local community. They now provide a large array of pre-packaged nutritious meals to go. All you have to do is place your order, pick them up (or have them delivered), let the meal thaw, place in the oven, and within 20 minutes – it’s Magic – you have a home cooked meal!

“Feed a family of four for only $23.75, about the same as groceries” – Dinner Time Magic

I know it’s easy to stop at a fast food restaurant for a quick meal, but how is this bad habit impacting you and your family’s health? Why not order the meals to go from Dinner Time Magic and decrease the saturated fats and additives in fast food?

How to order: place your order Online or call 252-635-5000. Store hours: Tues–Fri: 11am-6pm and Sat: 9am-1pm.

What about the Fondue Café?

Enjoy an intimate and interactive dining experience with your partner or invite friends for a relaxing, fun dining experience.

Fondue consists of four courses. You first select your cheese fondue followed by a salad and then your entrée. You complete your journey with a chocolate dessert fondue. There is a fondue pot in the center of the table where you dip or cook your selected foods. Then enjoy! It is a great icebreaker for people on first dates or a fun time for old friends! Fondue hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4pm–9pm. Reservations encouraged. Call 252-635-5000 for reservations.

Thanks, Carol and Tom, for taking the time to share your unique restaurant with me! Dinner Time Magic and Fondue Café! Visit them at 2715 Hwy 70 East, New Bern, NC.