The Pathway to College Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

NC Representative Alice Underhill, Mayor Lee Bettis, and Alderman Sabrina Bengel were among many supporters who attended the “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” for The Pathway to College.

With community leaders behind her, Cheryl Smith, Founder of The Pathway to College, is excited about helping students prepare for a brighter future and guide them on the challenging pathway to College.

Some may wonder why students need a College Education Consultant. We didn’t have them when we were younger. We had High School Counselors that provided guidance if we needed it. Well, times have changed along with the intense procedures and challenges that students face when applying for College.

Cheryl’s expertise combined with specialized techniques, ensures students receive the best quality counseling as early as the 8th grade.

In the beginning, she reviews their transcripts, helps them choose summer internships, jobs, or summer camps, and helps them discover what type of learner they are. She works closely with the parents and students to identify what College the student will excel in, develops a long term roadmap outlining test dates (i.e. SAT), application deadlines, essay deadlines, college visits, etc. Cheryl will even take the student on a College visit!

She’s committed to mentoring the student through brainstorming essay sessions, mock College interviews, and applying for student loans, until the time the student receives their “acceptance” letters.

Visit Cheryl today for a FREE initial consultation! The Pathway to College, 240 Craven St., 252-638-1002 or Email.