>New Bern has a New Ride in Town – Tugboat Cruise by Randy Schrock!

>Curious about the new Tugboat Cruise in New Bern, I called the Owner, Randy Schrock. The Tugboat is docked at the Hilton, Dock C3.

Randy was at Merchant’s Grocery in Brice’s Creek with his tour group, but took time to provide details.

Book a cruise (up to a party of six) for two hours per person and save 50% off the $20 per/person price through the end of March. What a deal! Only $10 per/person for a two hour boat ride on the Trent River to Brice’s Creek and back. The Tugboat Cruise stops for lunch at Merchant’s. If you prefer, have your meal catered by Christoph’s on the Water and bring your own cooler of beverages!

Randy and his crew are very flexible, they will take you on a 15 minute ride to over two hours as long as their schedule permits. This sounds like a prime opportunity to be up close and personal for New Bern’s Bridge Opening Ceremony! It’s also the perfect chance to take your friends or visitors on a fun-filled cruise!

The only requirement for this exciting tour is to have fun!

I look forward to taking a Tugboat Ride in the near future. I hope you will too. Call Randy at 252-349-3819.

Wendy Card