Coastal Women’s Forum Luncheon

Thanks to Elizabeth Knowles for inviting me to the Coastal Women’s Forum Luncheon and a special thanks to the ladies of the forum for the warm welcome. It was a pleasure to meet this exceptional group of women and to learn about this unique and professional community group.

Mrs. Thea Kincaid, President of the Coastal Women’s Forum, introduced the guest speaker, Ms. Barbara Lee.

Ms. Barbara Lee has over 22 years of civic service to the City of New Bern as Alderman Ward 5, she owns the Food Palace Restaurant, and founded The Area Day Reporting Program for the Youth. She is truly is an amazing woman. Her passion is helping at risk youth and she is proud to share information about her non-profit organization.

She believes in “saving the seed” when referring to the Area Day Reporting Program for the Youth which reaches out to at-risk children. This program targets children between Middle and High School ages and provides a safe haven and alternative place to learn instead of walking the streets.

This challenging special youth program is an alternative to kids being pushed out on the streets. Their goal is to enrich children’s lives by motivating them and modifying their behaviors. They also empower parents to encourage their children through programs provided by JT Barber School, a school in Havelock, and various churches within our community. They promote creative learning to pass end of grade testing. They are supported financially by County, School, and State funding.

Once again, thank you ladies for the fun and informative luncheon. For more information about the Coastal Women’s Forum, please visit their Website.

By the way, the meeting was held in a beautiful banquet room in the Hilton and the food was delicious!

Wendy Card