Bob Brinson to Seek Election as New Bern Alderman for Ward 6

Bob Brinson

When asked why he was running, Brinson stated “Since high school, I felt the call for a lifetime of public service. My time at West Point only confirmed that call. In addition to my career as an Army officer, I have a history of servant leadership no matter what community I lived in. When I returned to New Bern, I immediately got involved in the community. Now, I have been asked by neighbors to serve them as the Ward 6 Alderman. I am the servant leader that we need in New Bern to keep it a great place to live, work, and play.”

Brinson, a New Bern native further stated, “I have served all over the world and the United States and of all the places we could have lived, my wife and I chose New Bern to make it our home once again. There is no other place like New Bern, with its historic downtown charm and the need to balance modern development. As your Alderman, I intend to expand our sidewalks and bikeways. The New Bern Board of Aldermen not only has plans on the shelf for sidewalks and bikeways, but also has the capacity to finance them. Armed with our vision and my determination, I will ensure plans are no longer tabled, but brought to fruition.

Brinson currently serves on the Craven County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council which oversees local programs to reduce and prevent juvenile crime. Brinson is also one of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2514 delegates to the Craven County Veterans Council, where he serves as the Council’s Treasurer. He is the judge advocate for American Legion Post 539. He graduated this past October from the 2021 Leadership Craven program, sponsored by the Craven County Chamber of Commerce. Brinson is a member of the Chamber and a member of its Military Alliance. In previous communities, he served as a high school PTA president and vice president, a parish council president for his military chapel, a chairman of elders in his local church, a club leader for AWANA, and many hours as a volunteer in support of events and causes.

Brinson highlighted the fact that there is much work to be done in New Bern. “We need to partner with the Craven County government and Chamber of Commerce to continue business development and to provide better job opportunities for our younger generation. I understand that need. After graduating from New Bern High, I accepted a commission in the United States Army through West Point, because New Bern lacked the professional opportunities I desired. We have the ability and capacity to ensure our younger generation remains in New Bern and to be successful together. “Everything comes together here” is our slogan but that only happens through hard work and partnerships. I am quite capable of both hard work and leadership.”

For more information contact Bob Brinson directly at 252-349-3444 or visit his website at

By the Committee to Elect Bob Brinson