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New Bern Now and New Bern Post Merge


New Bern Now and New Bern Post have merged operations. Many of you know that.

New Bern Now, founded in 2009, has always been the friendly go-to place for information about events and achievements in the New Bern area. Founder Wendy Card expanded her website with a magazine (first called The Ledger, now called New Bern Now Magazine) and a weekly video podcast.

New Bern Post, on the other hand, was a feisty news and opinion site founded in 2017 and run by a curmudgeonly former newspaper editor named Randy Foster.

How do you reconcile the two?

You don’t … and you do.

Although the two sites had very different purposes, there was still quite a bit of overlap. Between the COVID coverage, critical reporting, and muckraking at New Bern Post were news releases about community events and achievements that also ran in New Bern Now.

Both New Bern Now and New Bern Post shifted much of their coverage focus to COVID-19 starting a year ago, but as we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are resuming high-impact community coverage but are divvying it up between the two websites.

New Bern Now will continue to provide all the coverage you have come to know and expect, plus expanded original reporting of local news of the kind that had been in New Bern Post.

New Bern Post, meanwhile, will shift its focus to local opinions and conversations, with occasional in-depth reporting of controversial subjects.

All of this requires help from readers, groups, organizations, and local businesses.

We need your news releases, news tips, letters to the editor, and contributed articles so that we can share them with our growing local audience.

You can send any or all to this email — here — and we’ll take it from there. If you advertise, think about adding New Bern Now to your marketing mix.

New Bern Now and New Bern Post are dedicated to covering New Bern and its neighboring communities, and we thank you for being readers and advertisers.

Randy Foster, editor

Wendy Card, producer