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Living in New Bern and Beyond – Episode 155

New Bern Now Podsquad - Episode 155
From top to bottom (L-R) Talina Massey, Colleen Roberts, Aimee Schulze, Wendy Card, Susan Moffat-Thomas, Chris Wagner, and Lori Favre

Peace Parks, Reducing Stress, Butterflies, Real Estate and Community!

We’re connecting you with the community by talking about the people, places, and local resources in New Bern, NC and surrounding areas!

The Podsquad: Talina Massey (Business Savvy), Susan Moffat-Thomas, Colleen Roberts (City of New Bern) and I talked about all kinds of things related to living in the greater New Bern area. We were joined by Special Guests: Aimee Schulze, Chris Wagner, and Lori Favre.



Show notes:

00:51 – Trivia Contest Question

1:17 – Congratulations, Talina Massey, 52 Faces of Community

2:10 – Brain Tap – Boost Energy and Productivity

3:55 – People making a difference in New Bern

4:55 – Children Virtual Learning

6:59 – Thank you, Craven County Teachers

6:43 – Martin Marietta Park

8:03 – Selling on eBay

9:28 – Fubo Peace Memorial Park

10:21 – 10th International Museum for Peace Conference

11:06 – Nagasaki Peace Park

12:00 – Raising the Consciousness of People and the Horrors of War

15:55 – American Services Members and Japanese Culture

15:04 – Mental Health Minute with Aimee Schulze, Licensed Clinical Social Worker at StillWaters

16:48 – Getting the SCOOP on Managing Stress

17:25 – Hope for NC Helpline

24:48 – A Dog’s Dream

25:11 – Interview with Chris Wagner about the Monarch House

32:04 – NC Museums are opening

34:12 – Become a Monarch Waystation

35:00 – Smart Solutions of New Bern

36:49 – Carolina Creations

37:14 – Social Media Neutralizer

37:29 – Interview with Lori Favre, Encore Homes Realty

38:05 – Sellers Real Estate Market in New Bern

39:05 – Real Estate Practices during COVID-19

40:07 – Voter Registration Drive

46:41 – Voting Drop Boxes are Illegal in North Carolina

48:56 – Call for All Local Politicians to Share your Platform

50:45 – Duffyfield Wetlands Project

50:57 – Movies in the Park

51:06 – In the Know Podcast – Craven Community Podcast

51:38 – National Night Out

52:36 – Why are you Voting?

53:38 – NC Racial Inequality and Criminal Justice Reform

54:25 – Unity Hands Art Project

55:05 – Catching up with The Podsquad

56:50 – Trivia Answer

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Wendy Card