LET’S TALK ABOUT IT with Jane Maulucci: Weather – You like it or not

Daffodils Arlene Edwards 2020
Daffodils Arlene Edwards 2020

This month has been a real weather rollercoaster. We had the temps in the 80’s and were strutting around in shorts only to have the thermometer plummet to the 20’s and remind us it is February, after all!

In Vermont, this is the time of year when cabin fever hits and women are most likely to intentionally mis-place their spouse in a snowbank. Here in eastern North Carolina, many lives and marriages are saved because the mild weather enables women to escape the confines of home for extended coffee or lunch sessions with understanding pals.

Humans are always ready to call off winter the first chance we get but can be a little mixed in our reactions. Gardeners were joyful and aghast when the daffodils started popping open a few weeks ago. They celebrated the hope of spring, but wisely knew that those buds were likely to be popsicles in a matter of days.

The unseasonable warmth turned kayaks into waterway crocuses. Winter weary paddlers plopped in for a spin with the sun shining even though the water was icy. Wearing leggings and t-shirts or bundled up like Innuits they could be seen slipping down the canals, streams, and rivers inviting other hearty souls to join their flotilla.

You know you are closer to spring when the morning runners reappear. More reliable than a robin, they can be spotted once the sun rises closer to the sixth hour rather than the eighth. Those robins might also be bobbing along, but they probably chose to overwinter rather than risk the air travel.

Whether February is 28 or 29 days, it still seems to be the longest month as we impatiently wait for temperatures to become consistently comfortable.  But, truly, we’re almost there.

In a few days, we’ll face March with the promised roaring winds and then we will be coddled into springtime with the longer days, the landscape bursting with refreshing shades of pink and yellow, and that fine dusting of chartreuse pine pollen. It won’t be long now. The ride is almost over.

By Contributing Author, Jane H. Maulucci, The Reactive Voice, LLC