“Bear City Beat” – Hurricane Preparation Tips from Mitchell Hardware

I spoke with Loriann Harker of Mitchell Hardware on Craven Street today about preparing for Hurricane Florence. The store was bustling with customers already at 9:30 a.m. getting themselves prepared.

  1. The first tip Loriann has to prepare for the hurricane is to get everything out of your yards that could be a projectile. Windchimes, chairs, anything that can be flung, bring them inside.
  2. If you have any cracks in your doors, shim them up now so that no wind or rain can get in.
  3. Make sure you have plenty of gas for your generators
  4. Keep extra candles in the house handy
  5. Make sure you have oil for your lanterns
  6. Check batteries now, don’t wait
  7. Lastly, be prepared to ride out the storm

Mitchell Hardware has a little bit of everything to get you prepared for the hurricane. They have batteries, lanterns, the oil to go in the lanterns, gas cans and more.

They don’t carry generators, but you can definitely get your gas cans there.

Loriann recommends having at least 5 gallons of gas for your generator for a week’s worth of no electricity.

Mitchell Hardware plans to be open Thursday & Friday of the hurricane, as they do not live far away. They normally open at 6:30 AM on those days, but Loriann humorously stated she can’t guarantee that on the Hurricane days!

What are your tips for hurricane preparation?

By Contributing Author, Brad Poirier, Bear City Impact