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Attorney Angela Doughty highlights the importance of Intellectual Property and Copyright Laws

Angela Doughty, Intellectual Property and Trademark Attorney at Ward and Smith and Attorney Erica Rogers joined us as speakers during our Social Media Summit 2016.

We highly encourage you to watch this video as this information is vital to protecting your business/non-profit and all of your hard work from someone using your content, images, audio, and/or video. Or you may be inadvertently breaking the law by copying someone’s work without their permission.

Angela Doughty talked about:

– How do you protect your own Intellectual Property?

– How to protect yourselves from needing to hire an Attorney?

– What are the terms of use for the social media sites that you are using? (i.e. Facebook, Google+, etc.) Are you giving them licenses to re-use your images and/or content that you’re working so hard to protect?

Angela also made it clear that using someone else’s material or lifting images off of the Internet without receiving permission from the creator is illegal. “There is a copyright myth that if I give credit or tell someone where I got it, or I cite the website and they can link right back to it, it’s not a problem. That is not true. This includes images, sounds, video, text, etc.”

She recommends that you monitor the use of your Intellectual Property. You spend a lot of money having that logo created and your business name. You can damage your own business by allowing others to use your name without permission or by using a name similar to yours that causes consumer confusion.

If you hire someone to create your work (logos, websites, etc.) “This can be a tricky thing, because we feel like if we paid someone to create something, it’s ours. That’s not true under the copyright law. You may have certain rights to use it, for whatever purpose you asked them to create it, but ultimately they own it.

Angela also talked about copyright and trademark symbols.

Be safe with the information that you’re collecting from your consumers and the information that you’re putting out there. Not only credit card information, but this also includes email and mailing addresses. If there’s a breach for any reason, you’re liable.

Stay tuned as more videos from this discussion will be uploaded to New Bern Now’s Youtube Channel soon!

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