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Savvy Traveling with Penny Zibula – 5 Reasons to Take the Family to Hershey, PA

The Prohibition Mobile Bar
What Will they Think of Next? The Prohibition Mobile Bar

Looking for a vacation venue that will keep everyone happy and entertained? Here are five reasons why you should consider Hershey, PA for your next family getaway.

  1. Let There Be Chocolate: Hershey’s® Chocolate World is an adventure for kids of all ages. You can design and make your own chocolate bar using authentic equipment, or learn the fine points of chocolate through an organized tasting experience; it’s all about the chocolate. And there’s no escaping it. The Hershey Trolley Works™ will take you on a narrated tour of Hershey, where you’l hear the awe-inspiring history of the town, and Milton Hershey, the man who made it famous. Although not part of Chocolate World itself, but well worth the time, is The Hershey Story, a museum that takes you from Milton Hershey’s early chocolate-making days to the many contributions he made to the town and its people. One of his most spectacular gifts is Hershey Gardens, a 23 acre feast for the senses. Walk among profusions of brightly colored seasonal flowers, an interactive children’s garden, and a butterfly house.
  2. Rolling Right Along: The AACA Museum will chauffeur you back in time via decade by decade displays of antique cars spanning 80 years. You’ll also find displays featuring motorcycles and an assortment of busses, along with all manner of memorabilia. Make sure you check out the prohibition-era mobile bar, cleverly concealed in a hearse.
  3. Venturing Below the Surface: A great place to stay cool on a hot day is Indian Echo Caverns, a 440 million year-old maze of rock formations, underground lakes and tunnels that open into fascinating rooms with names like the “Wedding Chapel” and “Indian Ballroom”. The temperature in the caverns remains a pleasant 52 degrees year-round. Your tour guide will lead you through the tunnels, entertain you with a mini-geology lesson, along with tales of ghosts, hermits and careless early explorers, then safely bring you back into the daylight.
  4. A Symbol of Democracy and Great Design: Be sure to visit near-by Harrisburg, and the Pennsylvania Capital Complex. Take the free guided tour, and learn how this famous landmark came to be, and evolved into an artistic and architectural marvel. The Capitol was designed not only to be a government building, but a ‘Palace of Art’. Beneath the magnificent dome, inspired by Michelangelo’s St. Peter’s Basilica, lies several types of marble, ornately carved wood, gold accents, stained glass, as well as original paintings and sculptures created by Pennsylvania artists. You’ll see examples of some of the finest workmanship and artistic talent to be found anywhere in every area of the building.
  5. Remembering the Civil War: The National Civil War Museum, also located in Harrisburg, is one of the world’s largest museums solely dedicated to the American Civil war. The conflict raged from 1861 to 1865, resulting in the most devastating loss of life and destruction of property in the nation’s history. Displays of photographs, letters, artifacts, along with videos, enable you to view the realities of the war through the eyes of those who lived and died throughout its course.

This is only a small sampling of what Hershey and Harrisburg have to offer. The best way to find out what you’re missing is not to miss it.

This article was made possible through the generosity of Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau and its supporting members. All opinions, however, are, as always, entirely my own.

Penny Zibula is a freelance travel writer and blogger based in New Bern, NC. Her work has appeared in Travel Post Monthly, MilesGeek and Epicurean Traveler. Follow her adventures at SixLegsWillTravel.com.

By Contributing Author: Penny Zibula