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We “Tell it like it is” and decline “Advertorials”

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Last week I was asked how much it costs for an advertorial on New Bern Now. This wasn’t the first time as I’ve received many requests over the past 5 years.

This last request has been nagging at me for a couple of days. If advertisers are contacting us about paying for content, it made me wonder if you thought we get paid to write articles (or accepted paid content) about local businesses and non-profits.

When I was offered a significant amount of money to write a review, I declined any amount. I don’t accept advertorials nor do I write articles for money.

When I hear about about a new business or non-profit, I want to learn more about their products and/or services. That’s the reason New Bern Now was created, to promote our community.

You may wonder why I would refuse any payment. It’s because I write unbiased reviews. When I write about anything in our community, I do it to inform locals and visitors of what the Greater New Bern area and beyond has to offer.

My reasoning is based on my moral compass. If I received payment or compensation, the article would be written under false pretense, therefore being an advertorial. I write how I see it, not how someone else wants me to tell the story.

I could be offered $1000 to write an article for a local business, but I won’t compromise my principles. I refuse to publish “paid posts”. If someone wants to advertise on New Bern Now’s website or Ledger publication, that’s great as it’s how we make money to cover our production costs.

If you’ve been following New Bern Now for the past 5 years, I’m sure you know me by now. If you’re a new reader, I hope this helps you understand that our goal is to inform you about what our Town and surrounding areas have to offer.

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Wendy Card