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Mary Kenny Highlights Artists while Traveling Across US in Motor Home

I really enjoy hearing about people who take risks for the greater good and hope that you do too!

That’s where Mary Kenny comes in the picture. I met Mary at Laura McGovern’s new business, Magnolia Jane’s Salon. Mary and Laura are longtime friends and Mary started her journey in New Bern to help Laura with the grand opening of her new salon.

Mary attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte majoring in Theatre. She took the leap and followed her dreams to New York City as she imagined how wonderful life on Broadway would be. And it was, as she was a graphic designer, entertainment marketing, and event producer. One of them was producing the famous Victoria Secrets Runway Fashion Show.

Although living in NYC was her goal, after time, she realized there was much more to life and decided to take her own show on the road!

When I asked what inspired Mary, she told me about her experiences as a summer camp counselor. She was the adult, but learned so much from the children. They weren’t tainted by expectations and responsibilities brought on by being an adult. It made her think back on the time when she transitioned from a carefree teenager to an adult and why she ended up in NYC. She wondered why most of us stop having fun with no worries because we have to work long hours to pay the bills. We go through the motions and work long hours for what?

The carefree and talented children at the camp had such an impact on Mary, that she bought a 1984 Winnebago Chieftian motor home and decided that she was ready to make her own path in life. Her goal is to travel to small towns and big cities across the country to discover people’s hidden artistic talents along the way. Mary wants to highlight local artists and places by capturing their stories on video and also writing about her ventures.

In the video, Mary said, “I’m a graphic designer and I was living in Brooklyn, NY, before I purchased an old motor home and decided to spend the next year traveling across the country”. She’s “seeking local artists and artisans for the “Motor Homemade project”.

She’ll be “spending the next 12 months in her motor home working as a graphic designer. I will be stopping in big cities and small towns to meet people who are doing creative things in their communities.”

Mary is crowdfunding part of her trip as she’ll need to upgrade camera equipment, gas, maintenance, and daily necessities. She’s raised over $4,000 in the past 2 weeks and has 1 week to go. So if you believe in this fun expedition and want to support Mary’s efforts, please help “Put Motor Homemade on the Map” and make a difference.

I’m looking forward to helping Mary promote her journey and I’m really looking forward to following her adventures!

If you’d like to help her connect with people along the way who would welcome her motor home in their driveway or on their property, please let her know.

Visit Mary’s website: MotorHomeMade.com and Facebook page for more information.

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