Radio Interview with Ashley Smith, Candidate for Alderman Ward 6

Ashley Smith, Candidate for Alderman Ward 6
Ashley Smith, Candidate for Alderman Ward 6

Laura Johnson had the pleasure of interviewing Ashley Smith who’s running for Alderman of Ward 6. He shared how he plans to make a difference in New Bern if he’s elected during his radio interview with Laura Johnson. The interview will air on Radio Free ENC’s WNOS 105.9FM and 1450AM. Listen to the audio here:

Learn more about Ashley Smith’s Campaign by reading the below information provided by Ashley:

Having grown up in New Bern and then having the opportunity to experience different perspectives, I have developed a deep appreciation for the quality of life that we all share. I would like to show my respect and gratitude for our community and its citizens by using my profession life experiences to ensure that we continue to experience a high quality of life that is affordable, safe and engaging.

I have established a high standard of professionalism when serving the public interest. I have served as the President of numerous executive boards at the state and local level. These leadership experiences have provided me with the skills to lead our Board of Alderman.

In addition to my board experiences I have numerous professional qualifications which will lead to successful outcomes for our city and its citizens.

– Masters Degree in Administration – studied economics and its relationship to business management – taught economics for numerous years

– President of my own corporation where I was in charge of all business related activities

– Managed retail stores in North Carolina and South Carolina

– School Principal – responsible for a multi million facility and budget

– Legislative experiences – have worked with state legislators and Governors office

– Staff Sergeant USAF – worked with the military at Andrews Air Force Base in the DC area

All the above experiences are very valuable and provide me with the knowledge to represent you in a manner that you deserve. I will respect your views and work for you in a personal and profession manner.


It is important that New Bern become a business-friendly city in order to encourage economic growth which would increase our tax revenues to support our city and citizens. This must be accomplished without destroying our city’s character and ambiance. We must develop short term and long term goals. Our vision for our great city must be one that meets the needs of all our citizens and their needs. Economic growth will also help provide jobs and spending opportunities for our local citizens

I will develop a strong working relationship with our county commissioners and elected state legislators. This is essential if we are to look for support to offset the cost of future growth and lessen the financial burden of our citizens. We can accomplish much if we just take the time to listen and respect the opinions of our citizens.

I hope to earn the respect and trust of our citizens by serving them in a professional manner and being available to them as their FULL TIME Alderman. I will not have another job: I will only be responsible to their concerns

If elected I PLEDGE TO YOU

– To guard your tax dollars

– To be professional at all times

– To be fair and honest

– To be your voice on the board

– To be your Full time Alderman

Call Ashley Smith at 252-649-3678 or send him an email for more information!

Mark your calendars to vote on October 8, 2013.

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