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Check out the latest happenings with Artwalk this Friday in Downtown New Bern!

Photo by: Artist Michaelé Rose Watson

Laura Johnson had the pleasure of interviewing local artists, Lisa Bisbee and Michaelé Rose Watson, about the upcoming Artwalk.

Listen to the interview here:

Join art enthusiasts this weekend during New Bern’s Artwalk, 5pm – 9pm, at numerous locations throughout the Downtown area.

Photo of Lisa Bisbee taken by: Artist Michaelé Rose Watson

Visit Michaelé Rose Watson’s Bohemian Night at Studio 413B (behind the Bank of the Arts). She invites you to enjoy the company of artists who will be sketching, painting, exhibiting, performing and throwing clay. Grab a sneak preview of Michaelé Rose Watson’s “one-thousand egg” installation.

Andrea & Phil Owens from Ratio Theatre will perform a jazzilicious musical delight starting at 6:30pm.

Lisa Bisbee invites you to participate painting her mega-canvas, Angela Hollowell will be throwing clay, Lee Hood will sketch detailed portraits, Broad Street Social Club will offer samples of Africian musicals. Sign up to paint a Public Art Mural. Get your photo captured on the thinking chair.

Anticipated Artists in Attendance include: Andrea & Phil Owens, Angela Hollowell, Ben Watford, Blaine Kruger, Bridgette Swayne, Candace Young, Carole McCracken, Chris Buttitta, Chris Morgan, Chris Wagner, Dillon Gunn, Donatella Christoforetti, Ed Macomber, Gary & Janice Peterson, James Herring, Jon Derby, Joyce Stratton, Julie A. Larick, Lee Hood, Lisa Bisbee, Meg Wethington, Phil Bowie, Robert Hennon, Sally Anger, Sarah Thrasher, Se’rah Cheatham, Sue Lawrence-Nester, Tim Castania, Valerie Rissel, Bill Reiter and more! For more information about Bohemian Night, visit their Facebook page.

Visit the Broad Street Social Club, next door to Bohemian Night’s Studio 413B of Michaelé Rose Watson for an African/World Fusion of Diali Cissokho & Kairaba in concert at 10pm.

What a night in New Bern!

For more information about all the activities downtown during the New Bern Artwalk on July 13th, 5pm to 8pm, read more about it on New Bern Now’s previous article or visit Craven Art Council and Gallery’s website.

Above information was provided by New Bern Now’s Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Bisbee.

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