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>Join in the fun Contra Dancing in New Bern!


Big Celtic Fun
Down East Folk Arts Society
Contra Dance
Bree Kalb
7:00PM Saturday May 21
Christ Episcopal Church Ministry Center
311 Middle Street, New Bern

Lesson: 7:00PM
Contra Dance: 7:30PM-10:30PM Waltzes at intermission and conclusion
Admission: $9 general; $8 DEFAS members; $5 students; $25 maximum for families.
Band: Big Celtic Fun
Caller: Bree Kalb
Both from the Raleigh-Durham area

Although the name is French, contra dancing actually originated among common folk on the islands of Britain and Ireland at least as early as the 17th Century. The French called it “contra” dancing because unlike square dancing (quadrilles), which originated in Versailles, the partners faced each other in contra dancing. Contra dancing came to America during the colonial period and square dancing was introduced by our French allies during the American Revolution.

Contra dancing can be adapted to fit many genres of music. Big Celtic Fun offers an Irish sound. The most recent revival of contra dancing took place on college campuses during the 1970s and it has steadily grown in popularity over the following decades. In North Carolina the largest dances are held in Raleigh-Durham, Asheville, and Boone, but contra dances are regularly offered in over a dozen communities in North Carolina today.

Contra dancing is easy to learn and it is not necessary to bring a partner because the dances are so interactive that each person dances with every other person in the lines. Come try it out and you might find that you really like it!

For more information on this dance and other events sponsored by the Down East Folk Arts Society check out the website at http://www.downeastfolkarts.org.

Submitted by: Robert Scull on behalf of the Down East Folks Arts Society